Committee Roles


Following is a brief outline of the duties of the Convenor’s Role.

Before the meetings

  • Responsible for running the club
  • Creates agenda for meetings
  • Sends out invitations and receives replies from members attending the meeting.
  • Laisse and gives numbers to the meeting venue.

During the meetings

  • Is the Head of the Committee
  • Stands in for Chairperson if they are all unavailable.
  • Has casting vote on the major issues if required
  • Call executive meetings if required.

Member approvals

  • Convenor has the veto as to whether a new member is accepted or not due to a clash in categories.


Following is a brief outline of the duties of the Chairperson Role

Day Before the meeting:

  • Check with the Convenor to ensure the agenda is completed, correct – any late guests / apologies
  • Print 10 copies of the agenda to take to the meeting.

Prior to the meeting starting

  • Turn up early to ensure the room is ready & introduce yourself to any guests at the breakfast meetings.
  • Check that the guest speaker is ready / has all the required working equipment before calling the meeting to order.
  • Introduce any new members to existing members – make them feel welcome.
  • Check the tables are laid out correctly & breakfast menus / breakfast tickets available.
  • Ask members if they want to add anything onto agenda before starting meeting.
  • Ensure the hotel / breakfast staff are ready to take orders before sitting down.

Call meeting to order

  • Ask everyone to take their seats.
  • Ensure everyone has turned off their mobile phones & have made their breakfast choice
  • Follow the agenda keeping track of time so the meeting finishes on time.
  • Keep the meeting professional but also enjoyable.
  • The chair should try and make it easy for the secretary to take the minutes in the following way-
    • Ensure that no more than one person speak at any time.
    • Be fair with all speakers, even if your view is different to theirs.
    • If discussion drag on too long, name the last couple of speakers that indicated they want to say something and declare you are not allowing further discussion. Then bring the point to a vote.
    • The chair should seldom take a position, due to his position as “referee”.
    • At the end of a discussion summarise the discussion – for the secretary to minute.
    • Summarise decisions and what the vote was, unanimous or 8 fore, 4 against, 3 abstain.
  • Ensure the secretary is taking the minutes
  • Ensure any new members get chance to give a talk on their business, if there was not time for the 1 minute introductions.

After the meeting

  • Ensure all members happy with the meeting & discuss any feedback / areas of improvement /contention if there were any.
  • Diarise for the next meeting


Following is a brief outline of the duties of the Secretary.

Before the meetings

  • Co-ordinate the correspondence of the Association.
  • Keep and maintain the register of Members, with core business and any subsidiary businesses of each member, address and email address of each member.

During the meetings

  • Read out the previous meeting’s minutes to the attendees.
  • Keep full and correct minutes of the proceedings of the Committee and Association.

After the Meetings

  • Have custody of all books, documents, records and registers of the Association at their place of business.
  • Send minutes of meetings to web developer to add to website for full and correct recording.
  • Delete any person/member that dies or ceases to be a member from the register.


Following is a brief outline of the duties of the Treasurer.

During the meetings

  • When called upon provide a Treasurer’s Report which is made up of;
    • 1. Balance Sheet including current cheque account balance.
    • 2. Profit or Loss year to date
    • Outstanding memberships.
  • Note guests who need to pay for their meal.

After the meetings

  • Write a cheque for cost of meal and have it countersigned.
  • Send an email invoice for guest meals and/or new members.
  • When a copy of the “Membership Application Form” is received from Member Co-Ordinator record the details and calculate membership fees for the remaining period in the six or twelve monthly cycle. See following for fee structure.
  • Follow up any memberships or guest meals not paid.
  • Pay invoices presented at the meeting for badges, subscriptions, etc.

Membership Fee Structure

  • Fees are charged in advance on 1st January and 1st July under the following formula;
    • Six monthly fees are $350
    • Twelve monthly fees are $650 – Current as at October 2017

Membership Coordinator

Following is a brief outline of the duties of the Membership Coordinator.

During the meetings

  • Introduce yourself to any guests at the breakfast meetings.
  • Try to gauge how interested they are in joining the club.
  • Get their contact details and offer to send them an application form.

After the meetings

  • Send an email to the prospective member asking if they would like to join (see copy of email below).
  • Include a copy of the “Membership Application Form” and the “Rules of Association for Network South West Business Club”.
  • Follow up with an email or phone call if you don’t get a response.

Member approvals

  • Any prospective member must make a decision on joining after attending 3 meetings.
  • Once you receive a completed application form from a new prospective member, you need to send an email to all of the committee members asking for their approval.
  • Send an email to the prospective member informing them that their application is being reviewed by the committee.
  • Before approving a member you need to make sure there is no conflict of them having the same or similar business to an existing member. Sometimes they will have a second business that is in conflict.
  • If there is a conflict with another business, the member of the existing business has the final say in whether they can become a member.
  • Once the member has been approved, send them an email advising them of their acceptance and inform them that they will be inducted at the upcoming meeting.

After approval

  • Print a copy of the new member certificate and deliver to Tom at Trophies West at 18 Arthur St, Bunbury. Tom will make up the new name badge, this normally takes 2 to 3 days to complete.
  • Pick up the name badge prior to the next meeting.
  • The invoice for the name badge will be sent directly from Trophies West to the treasurer of the Network South West Business Club.
  • Make up the “member pack”. The member pack consists of:
    • A plastic satchel to hold all of the documents.
    • A copy of the member’s certificate.
    • Name badge.
    • 2 x bumper stickers.
  • At the meeting you will present the new member with the membership pack and have your photo taken of the event.

Guest Speaker Coordinator

Following is a brief outline of the duties of the Guest Speaker Coordinator.

Prior to the meetings
Finding a Guest Speaker

  • Guest speakers should consist of one speaker from outside the club per month and one club member speaker per month.
  • Be proactive and engage and network with people on different arenas.
  • Use your own business network, ask work colleagues or friends and family, and source interesting, passionate people. They may be from the community that might have a story and skill to share, or ask a member that have not presented or an older member that like to present themselves to new members or if they have something new to tell.
  • Make sure that the person that is being invited to present is not in conflict with another business member in the club. If there is a conflict with another member of the existing business please ask the business member if they can accept the person to present. The member that might have the same profession can feel free to not accept.
  • The idea is to get to know what other people are doing , how different businesses trades -are working, and what they have to share and how we can interact with different businesses and build a diverse network and learn more from each other.
  • For example, invite a local politician, a business owner or a person from the community that will be interested to tell their own story about what they work with or what interesting things they have done and achieved in life that might interest our members, and teach us new things.

Inviting a Guest Speaker

  • Email an invitation to the potential guest speaker or the person in charge of the business.
  • Follow up if possible with a phone call to invite the person to be a guest speaker/presenter for our breakfast meeting.
  • Refer to how you got the contact and who referred you to the person.
  • Also make sure you give the person a rundown of what we expect from the person and how much time they have available to speak, i.e. 20 minutes. Also make sure you include all the details and links to our Network South West Business Club and to our meeting place, time and date etc.
  • Then formally contact a potential guest speaker. It can be a member of the club or another person either man or woman from outside the club.
  • Follow up with the guest speaker before the meeting by sending an email reminder to say that we are excited to meet him or her and hear the guest speaker. Include the date again, the venue, time and make them feel welcome to present to our network club.
  • Also make sure before they conduct their presentation, as to whether they need a laptop and a projector or anything else for a power point presentation for example.

During the meetings
Prior to the meeting start

  • Personally meet with the guest speaker at our breakfast meeting venue.
  • Make them feel welcome and include them and introduce them in the morning talk with the other members arriving to the breakfast meeting.
  • Offer the guest a cup of coffee or tea etc. and offer the person a glass of water when they speak.
  • Show the guest speaker to a seat and remember to offer them a breakfast option too.

Guest Speaker Presentation

  • Introduce the guest speaker with a little introduction (bio) of their life and work role. This info you can get when you invite the guest speaker.
  • Be available if the guest speaker needs a hand.

After the Guest Speaker Presentation

  • Invite the Network South West Business Club members to ask questions after the presentation.
  • Thank the guest speaker and inform the guest with a little info on our network club and maybe offer them to come again to enjoy our next breakfast meeting and listen to another guest speaker and maybe they would like to join as a member later.