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Christin_PortraitChristin Svard. Entrepreneur, traveler and bag enthusiast. A Scandinavian born Australian resident and have traveled to most places in-between. She knows the importance of functional travel pieces. Just because something has a practical purpose doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or beauty.

Worked for years on fixed wing aircraft, an amazing way to see the world from the sky. Her real adventures were had when she worked as a crew member on board Boeing helicopters. Flying oil rig workers back and forth across the North Sea. Their uniform was an unflattering but life-saving fire retardant survival suit. Practical but not pretty. So she added Doc Martens, leather jacket, a red silk scarf and matching red lipstick. She was happy her uniform was likely to save her life, but if she was going to go out, she was going to go out with style.

The bags are lovingly handmade by creative artisans. The lining designs are mostly hand-drawn and all materials hand selected, treated with tender loving care. Every bag is a reflection of her love for travel,  adventure, and luxury. A work of heart. A sensory experience. The velvety feel and smell of exquisitely soft leather. The warm, delicate touch of a smooth inner liner as you reach for car keys. Louis Vuitton, without the price tag.

Whether you are going to a supermarket or the Sahara, a handbag you love is the ultimate travel companion. To her, it needs to look beautiful, feel amazing and be practical.

The same Viking ingenuity and flair has been applied to my super-soft, leather handcrafted bags. Not only are they highly versatile but full of passion and originality, with a story to tell.

No matter where you live, you will never want to leave home without a Travel & Living Collection bag again. Explore the collection, join the adventure!

Travel & Living Collection – Bags and Accessories have a wonderful selection to choose from. Anything from super soft leather bags, wallets and clutches, accessories, jewelry, clothing and home decor. Check out the stunning range on line and view the latest arrivals. Gift vouchers are available too.

Call Christin Svard on 0450 069 250 today for all of your travel and living needs. You’ll fall in love with them!