Work Health & Safety Across All Sectors Of Industry

Combined Team Services offer a comprehensive range of Work Health & Safety services to all sectors of industry.

Work Health & Safety - are you asking the right questions?Services include:

  • Site safety audits
  • Safety implementation plans
  • Specific training of staff & supervisors in safety & health

They are panel auditors for

  • Woolworths construction & modifications
  • WA Dept of Building, Management & Works

Combined Team Services will conduct work site audit inspections that can help you to develop simple safety initiatives unique to your business, relevant to your industry and easy to implement.  Their expertise covers large construction type audits, safety management plan reviews & upgrades as well as developing risk registers & action plans.

They develop customised documentation to meet the needs of your organisation & can increase supervisor learning capacity with minimal discruption to work flow including:

  • Safe operating procedures
  • On the job learning guides
  • WHS policies & procedures
  • Leading from the front
  • Implementing field time initiatives
  • Building capacity to lead safety & productivity

Safety is imperative to all businesses so please don’t delay, contact Karen Williams at 08 9791 6611 learn more about the range of safety auditing services we offer.